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      Qingdao Lanneret Steel ball & Bearing Company is an enterprise comprises of two business units, Qingdao Lanneret Import & Export Trade Company and Qingdao Lanneret Steel Ball Company.
     In 2007 Qingdao Lanneret Import & Export Trade Company received its import and export license from China government. This license allows Lanneret to export its products directly without going through a third party trading agent, and thus saves our customers money. In addition, all of our staffs are well educated with a college degree. These young and motivated professionals are hard working and possess good business ethics. The export unití»s main responsibility is to develop serve domestic and international markets.
     Moreover, Lanneret staffs pledge to provide the best possible support to our valued customers, regardless it is before or after sale. At any time should you have any question or concern, please just send us a message, through our website or direct email, and one of our staffs will respond to you shortly. We are always trying to live up to your expectations, and hope to be the bridge to your China business success.
     At the core of our enterprise is Qingdao Lanneret Steel Ball Company. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has grown into a full end-to-end steel ball manufacturer. All production processes are completed in house including heading, deflashing, heat treating, descaling, hard grinding, finishing and quality inspecting.
     Steel ball types include carbon steel, chrome steel and stainless steel with a wide range of grades from G1000 to G40. Lanneret can also offer unhardened steel balls (soft balls) or custom make to your requirements. Thanks to Lanneret commitment to improvement training programs, tight time and quality control, the manufacturer now is capable of producing 280 metric tons of high quality steel ball products per month.
     Give us a try, give yourself a chance, and we will prove to you it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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